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~~Windows '98 Hints & Hacks~~

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~~Windows '98 Hints & Hacks~~:

Windows '98 Hints and Hacks
Published by Que Corporation (c) 1998
Windows 98 Hints & Hacks instantly rewards you by increasing your productivity and satisfaction with Windows 98. Every hint and hack provides real value-- not just a list of obvious items listed as though they were some kind of secret. Windows 98 Hints & Hacks will be divided into several categories: Part 1: Look and Feel Here allows you to control every aspect of your system's appearance and properties. Part 2: Productivity Hints and hacks let you get more work (or play!) done with less effort. Part 3: System Performance How to get the most performance from every application, routine, or procedure. Part 4: Administration provides hints and hacks for users who are in charge of supporting other users (or who just seem to the one people come to with questions).

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