If you receive an urgent or extremely important email telling you to forward the message to everyone you know or care about or to as many people as possible, chances are more than good that the email is a hoax. Writers of hoaxes (whether a virus or internet hoax) depend on partial knowledge and intelligence of the recipient (you). Getting an “insider” email from a friend of a friend of a friend who has contact with AOL, Bill Gates, FCC, IBM, Miller, Disney, Nokia, or any other well-known company, may allow anyone to consider the validity of the news.
“What do I have to lose by trying this?” “What have I to lose by taking this precaution?”
“Why shouldn’t I tell so-and-so ‘just in case'”Other than causing possible server shutdowns and
unnecessary time & cost to companies by an overabundance of traffic (as is the major problem with the Melissa and Loveletter viruses), an internet panic can develop. The best way to be certain that an email is or is not a hoax, whether it be a virus warning, a chain letter, or a get-rich-quick scheme, is to check listings, at the list below or at the Computer Incident Advisory Capability, ComputerVirus Myths F-Secure, or Symantec.

If you do not find the hoax there, please contact us or your system administrator
(usually: postmaster@or abuse@”whatever follows @ in your email address”).


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!000 hoax
mirror hoax
90# Telephone Scam hoax
AIDS hoax
Al Gore and the Scriptures hoax
All Seeing Eye virus hoax
Alligator in New Orleans
America Online Upgrade hoax
American Election Day hoax
Ananas script.ini worm hoax
Anthony Parkin hoax
Anti-perspirant causes breast cancer hoax
AOL account problems hoax
AOL charging for Instant Message service hoax
AOL Riot 6/1/98 hoax
AOL 4 Free hoax
AOL V4.0 Cookie hoax
AOL/Intel tracking hoax
AOL/Microsoft Beta Test hoax
AOL/Netscape tracking hoax
Applebees Gift Certificate hoax
ATM virus hoax
Aureate DLLs Trojan hoax
Baby Crying
Bath & Body Works hoax
Be My Valentine hoax
Beta Test Payment hoax
Bill 602P hoax
Bill Gates hoax
Bill Gates email beta test hoax
Black Widow hoax
Bloat MP3 virus hoax
Blue Mountain Cards hoax
Blood screening for ovarian cancer hoax
Blotto virus hoax
Blow Your Mind hoax
Blush Spider hoax
Bud Frogs Screen Saver hoax
Cancer chain letter hoax
Card for You Virus
Cellular Phone virus hoax
Cellsaver.exe virus hoax
Champagne Lovers hoax
Columbus Day virus hoax
Community 7 virus hoax
Cool Video hoax
Cracker Barrel Gift Certificate hoax
Credit info “opt-out” hoax
Crocodile in New Orleans
Daisy Chain hoax
Data Crime virus hoax
Deaf Support Email hoax
Dear Friends hoax
Death 69 virus hoax
Death Ray hoax
Deeyenda hoax
Deposit envelopes with cyanide hoax
Discount hoax
Disney Giveaway hoax
Don’t delete iwon.com chain letter hoax
Don’t Lick Envelopes hoax
Ebola hoax
EEVP virus hoax
El Poco hoax
Election Day hoax
Elf Bowling and Frogapult hoax
Email Tax hoax
Email Tracking hoax
Ericcson/Nokia Phone Giveaway hoax
Everything you never wanted chain letter
Exploding water hoax
Fat Cat virus hoax
Febreeze warning hoax
Flesh Eating Bananas hoax
Free Coca-Cola hoax
Free computers by HP/Gateway merger hoax
Free M&Ms hoax
Gamma 2 hoax
GAP Giveaway hoax
Gas station slashers hoax
Gay Jesus movie hoax
Geeks Bearing Gifts hoax
Gerber bond hoax
Ghost hoax
Girl Thing hoax
Girls of Playboy hoax
Good Times hoax
Good Times Spoof hoax
Guinea pig virus hoax
Gulf War printer virus hoax
Hackinburgh hoax
Hairy Palms virus hoax
Halloween Terror hoax
Hawaiian Good Luck Totem chain letter
Headlight flashing hoax
Help! Find Kelsey hoax
Hey You hoax
Hit Man
Honda money hoax
Hotmail account cancellation hoax
HTML page of death threat hoax
IBM Giveaway hoax
Virus Alert
ID4 virus hoax
I’m your shadow hoax
Infected Bananas hoax
Insuring cigars hoax
Internet Access Charge hoax
Internet Cleanup Day hoax
Internet Flower for You hoax
IRA & USPA virus hoax
Iraqi printer virus hoax
Irina virus hoax
It takes guts to say Jesus hoax
Java virus hoax
jdbgmgr.exe virus hoax
Jessica Mydek hoax
Join the Crew hoax
JPEG virus hoax
June 1 virus hoax
Kali hoax
Kidney Harvest hoax
Klingerman virus hoax
Let’s Watch TV hoax
Life is Beautiful hoax
Little Girl Dying hoax
Lotus Notes Worm hoax
Lump of coal virus hoax
Maddick hoax
Make Money Fast hoax
McDonalds has hypodermic needles hoax
McDonalds vs Taco Bell chain letter
Meme hoax
Memphis 98.MMS hoax
Microsoft 2000 counter hoax
Microsoft IE Update hoax
Microsoft Piracy Letter hoax
Miller’s Free Beer hoax
Millenium virus hoax
MMF virus hoax
Mobile Phone Fraud Alert for #90/90# hoax Mobile Phone Virus hoax
Modem Subcarrier hoax
Moment of Silence virus hoax
Money Transfer hoax
Monkeyman 935
My New Pics hoax
Naughty Robot hoax
Needles on gas pumps hoax
Needles in phone slots hoax
Netscape-AOL Giveaway hoax
Netscape letter bomb threat hoax
New pictures of family hoax
New York Big Dirt hoax
Norton AntiVirus v5 Alert hoax
Nostradamus hoax
NSA printer virus hoax
Old Navy hoax
Open Very Cool virus hoax
‘Osama captured’ is trojan hoax
Outback Steakhouse hoax
P&G Satanist rumor hoax
Pay telephone buttons with LSD & Strychnine hoax
PBS & NPR-Petition hoax
Penpal Greetings! hoax
Perfume dangers hoax
Perrin.exe virus hoax
Petroleum Trust Fund hoax
Poison ATM envlopes hoax
PKZ 300 hoax
Pzifer heartworm medicine deadly hoax
Rat droppings hoax
Red Alert virus hoax
Returned Mail virus hoax
RH Power chain letter hoax
Roach eggs in envelope glue hoax
Sandman virus hoax
SARC Virus Test virus hoax
SARS virus hoax
Screen Name hoax
Shampoo alert hoax
Sheep virus hoax
Slave Reparations hoax
Social Security number racial code hoax
Social Security Refund hoax
Sound Card virus hoax
Spider in the Toilet hoax
Spooky Message chain letter
Spunkball warning hoax
Stranger/Dangerous Prank hoax
Sulfnbk.exe virus hoax
Sun Microsystems Java virus hoax
Taco Bell pregnant roach hoax
Takes Guts to Say Jesus hoax
Tampon warning hoax
Teletubbies warning hoax
Terrorist Attacks on Malls hoax
Tickle Me Elmo hoax
Tuxissa virus hoax
Tweety Bird Wish
Undeliverable Mail virus hoax
Upgrade Internet 2 hoax
UPS uniforms sold on eBay
Use BCC to prevent online stalking hoax
Valentine Greetings hoax
Veterans eligible for GI dividends hoax
Virtual Card for You hoax
Walmart & Prevern hoax
Waterproof Sunscreen warning hoax
Web TV bug hoax
Win 95 install disk #2 hoax
Win 95 time bomb hoax
Win a Holiday hoax
Wobbler virus hoax
World Record hoax
WTC Survivor hoax
xxx-1 virus hoax
You received a Postcard from a Family Member!
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