Report Cyber Bullying

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you can find help by clicking on the link.

A website is asking for more information than your first name and email address.

You asked a website a question and now the website is sending you email you did not ask for and do not want.

Forward spam – email that you did not sign-up for and do not want to get AND the sender tries to hide who they really are – to

A website will not allow you to leave. Your mouse pointer is “trapped” and will not move where you tell it to go.


If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you can find help by clicking on this link for your USA state or the link below for your country.

Someone has said bad things many times to you because of the color of your skin, your religion, or something else about you that the person does not like in an email, in a chatroom, at a website, or through an instant messaging conversation.

You know of someone stealing passwords for money or just for fun.

You know about someone selling or delivering illegal drugs.

Someone (an online friend or stranger) repeatedly asks for pictures of you even when you tell them you it is wrong to send them pictures of yourself.

You had a conversation in a chatroom and now the person is calling you on the telephone.

Someone in a chatroom keeps asking you too many questions, even when you told them to stop.

An online friend wants to meet you in person but has asked you not to tell anyone – including your best friend, buddy or parents.

You know that a friend of yours is being hurt too hard and too often by their parents or the adults they live with or visit.

Someone you know touches you in ways that you know are wrong but says that no one will believe you if you tell or that you must keep this a secret because you are special (or for any other reason).

You are being harassed online, in your email, or with text messages by a cyberbully.
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Net Alert






Colorado Student Crime Stoppers Program (cyberbullies, drugs, etc)



Kids Help 800-668-6868

Missing Kids




South Africa



Bengali/Sylheti 0800-096-7714

Gujarati 0800-096-7715

Hindi 0800-096-7716

Punjabi 0800-096-7717

Urdu 0800-096-7718


New Zealand

Internet Helpline 0-508-638-8723

Net Safe

No Bully


United Kingdom


Internet Watch Foundation

National Youth Agency

NSPCC Child Protection Helpline 0800-800-500