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For Help with Online Situations:

You tell someone to stop what they are doing many times and they will not stop. What they are doing is making you uncomfortable or embarrassed because you know that mom, dad or the adult in your life will not approve of what this person is saying or showing you in an email, through instant messenger or in a chatroom. CLICK HERE when you want to report this.

Your online friend is in trouble and needs your help NOW. They want to meet you at a place you both know in a few minutes. Tell them ‘you will help’ and immediately disconnect. Tell mom, dad or an adult as soon as you disconnect. Then call 911 and tell the police everything. Let the adults and police help your friend. If your online friend is in as much trouble as you believe, you will need an adult around to assist your friend anyway. You are protecting yourself and your family just in case your online friend is not really your friend at all but turns out to be a naughty person. And, you are not lying because you are giving them someone who really can help them.

For Help with Everyday Situations:



Alateen (Alcohol Abuse) 800-356-9996

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Hotline 800-237-6237

Ask A Nurse Connection (Medical Questions) 800-535-1111

Boys and Girls Town 800-448-3000

Bullying Online

Child Abuse Hotline 800-540-4000

Child Help USA 800-422-4453

Children Now 800-CHILD-44

Club Drugs

Connecticut Kids In Crisis Hotline

Crisis Counseling Hotline 800-444-9999

Enough is Enough 888-2-ENOUGH

Kids Help

Kids In Crisis 800-KID-SAVE 800-543-7283

Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Miracles of Hope

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 800-843-5678

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information 800-729-6686

National Cocaine Hotline 800-262-2463

National Council for Child Abuse and Family Violence 800-222-2000

National Crime Prevention Council 202-466-6272

National Hopeline Network



National Institute on Drug Abuse Hotline 800-662-HELP

National Runaway Switchboard 800-621-4000

National Youth Crisis Hotline 800-999-9999

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center

NINE LINE 800-999-9999

Prevention Online

PTA Kids in Crisis Resources

Runaway Hotline 800-231-6946


Street Teens

Street Terms

Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-827-7571

The Anti-Drug

The School Zone

Tobacco Free Kids

Violence Prevention Coalition