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New Sophisticated Nigerian Money Scam

By now we’ve all had at least one email from a relative of a Nigerian Prince, asking for help secretly transferring millions of dollars out of U.S. Bank Accounts. Scams like this are pretty easy to spot and frankly anyone who would fall for something like that is a complete idiot. Sorry if that offends anyone, but seriously, come on…

But the nature of the game the scammers play is changing – this weekend I was almost a victim of one of the most elaborate money scams I’ve ever come across. In fact, it was one tiny detail that had I […]

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What Dangers Can Your Kids Face on the Internet?

 What Dangers Can Your Kids Face on the Internet?

The internet has become a lifeline for most kids today. It provides a lot of educational information to your child and helps them to learn as well as stay connected with their friends. With families scattered across the globe, the internet also provide kids with a way to stay in touch with family who live far away. Even though a lot of parents use a parental control app to safeguard their kids from accessing sites they shouldn’t, they should still be aware of the different kinds of dangers your kid may be […]

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Germany’s ruling on Bitcoin paves the way for its legitimacy in the EU

Virtual currency bitcoin has been recognized by the German Finance Ministry as a “unit of account”, meaning it is now legal tender and can be used for tax and trading purposes in the country.

Bitcoins is not classified as e-money or a foreign currency, the Finance Ministry said in a statement, but is rather a financial instrument under German banking rules. It is more akin to “private money” that can be used in “multilateral clearing circles”, the Ministry said.

“We should have competition in the production of money. I have long been a proponent of Friedrich August von Hayek scheme to denationalize […]

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Cyber Security Experts Spy on Shoppers

Facial Recognition surveillance cameras have been adapted to monitor how consumers choose what to buy.

Scientists at Queen’s University in Belfast are also using their expertise to shore up the country’s defences against cyber attacks.

David Crozier from the Centre for Secure Information Technologies at the university explained: “Everyone is aware of Northern Ireland’s troubled history from the early Sixties.

“It was a turbulent environment which necessitated security solutions and drove innovations in a bid to keep people safe but now, in a time of peace, we are adapting the security monitoring for use in other areas.

“For example, the intelligence surveillance over CCTV […]

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In Cyber Fraud Fake Fans are top value

In the world of Cyber Fraud, a fake fan on Instagram can be worth five times more than a stolen credit card number.

As social media has become increasingly influential in shaping reputations, hackers have used their computer skills to create and sell false endorsements — such as “likes” and “followers” — that purport to come from users of Facebook, its photo-sharing app Instagram, Twitter, Google’s YouTube, LinkedIn and other popular websites.

In the latest twist, a computer virus widely used to steal credit card data, known as Zeus, has been modified to create bogus Instagram “likes” that can be […]

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Cyber Criminals using 3D printing to skim ATMs

3D printing has promise in the healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and retail industry — but cyber criminals have also tapped into the technology’s potential.

In Sydney, NSW, a Romanian group of alleged cyber criminals have been using 3D-printing technology and CAD files to design and manufacture sophisticated ATM skimming devices to steal citizen funds.

The city’s police force recently arrested and charged one of the group with fraud. In total, 15 ATMs have been targeted, and approximately $100,000 has been stolen.

After seeing an increase in the number of 3D printed skimming devices being detected, the NSW Police established a “dedicated taskforce” in June […]

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Why Chrome Isn’t Protecting Your Passwords

Something interesting happened last week.

Elliot Kember posted on his blog about a discovery that he made while working on a project. He had gone into the Google Chrome settings and saw an area for saved passwords. He was alarmed to find that Google does not just keep track of passwords for the sites you collect. They actually keep them completely viewable, in full, along with your username and the associated URL.

Passwords On Display

For those who have never looked in their browser settings, here is how it works. Go into the Settings tab by pressing the menu button in the right […]

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New York Times website hit by a cyber attack

The New York Times main website and corporate website, mobile apps & email system have being brought down possibly the result of a cyber attack. Around 4.30pm, the site went down with tweets from the times saying it was “experiencing technical difficulties.”
Emails sent to New York Times email addresses were bouncing back as undeliverable. Fox News has reported that the outage was due to a cyber attack, with sources revealing that outside security professionals had been brought in to assess the threat. The New York Times has been victim to cyber attacks in the past.

Update 15th August 2013 : […]

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Hacker ‘shouts abuse’ via Foscam baby monitoring camera

A Houston couple is still shaken after saying they heard the voice of a strange man cursing and making lewd comments in the bedroom of their 2-year-old daughter.

When Marc Gilbert and his wife Lauren entered the room, the voice cursed them as well.

The eerie voice — which had a British or European accent — was coming from the family’s baby monitor that was also equipped with a camera. A hacker apparently had taken over the monitor.

The incident occurred on Aug. 10 as Marc Gilbert was doing the dishes after his birthday dinner and he heard strange noises coming from his […]

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Protecting Your Child From Cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is when repeated deliberate and hostile behaviour intended to harm others is directed at an individual or a group through the use of
information and communication technologies.

As a parent, one of the worst things in the world is seeing your child being bullied by other kids. But when it is online you might be at a loss as to how to stop it. You might not even know for certain that it is going on. Especially if your kids are not wanting to speak openly about it, or feel embarrassed that it is happening […]

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