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NOTE TO PARENTS: If your pre-teen or teenager has a profile at popular online clubs, such as Facebook,  MySpace or Twitter, visit the website with them and review the personal information they may be posting. Remove their picture, address, phone number, school they attend, etc. and any information a stranger can potentially use to locate them.

Play “Friend Finder”, a Social Networking Game by the FTC



Club Drugs

Prevention Online


Parental Controls for iPads

iWonderSurf for iPad

Mobicip for iPad




Tobacco Free Kids


Family Resources

Baby Sign Language

Coupon Saver

Family First Aid:


Helping Troubled Teens

Insure Kids Now

FTC’s Social Networking Sites: A Parents’ Guide


School Resources


Campus Tours

College Board

College Confidential

Course Cracker

Great Schools

National Center for Education Statistics

Princeton Review

School Matters

National Alert Register (for Sex Offenders)

National Sex Offender Registry by the US Dept of Justice

Laws and Legislation relating to computers and the internet



How to Child-Proof the Internet

Boredom is to Blame for Most Cyberbullying Incidents

Parents Divided on Monitoring Their Kids’ Internet Use

Nearly Two-Thirds of American Parents Monitor Kids on Facebook

How to Set Up Parental Controls on the iPhone

Parents, How Safe Are Your Kids?

How to control what your child watches on YouTube

Gaming habits are learnt early

Cyberbullying target checklist released

Senior Scottish cop attacks online gaming

Tips for parents on tracking your kids online

Top ways kids hide their online behavior from parents

“This is the way we’ve always done it” doesn’t work in the digital world

Instagram beauty contests worry privacy advocates

MiiPC computer allws parents to take charge of children’s web use

Configuring parental controls

Internet use disorder: What parents need to know

What teens get about the internet that parents don’t

Parents underestimate kids’ online experiences

Parents must be vigilant to keep cyberbullies at bay

Cyberbullying and Sexting – Prevention and Education

The Parents Guide to Social Networking

Do you know what your teens are doing online?

Seven Things You Need to Know to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Plea to Parents about Internet Safety

Whoa, the internet may be getting safer for kids

Monitor your teen’s internet use

Bullying: Words Can Kill

Whether to spy on kids

Building a social network for the under-13 crowd

PlayStation users: Keep watch over your credit card

It’s easy to bully digitally

Teen cyberfeud turns deadly

Social networking community websites cause new set of problems for parents

How safe are teens online?

Facebook urged to add predator panic button

5 Ways Wireless Carriers Gouge You

Sprint’s Phone-Recycling Program Help Kids Stay Safe While Gaming

Cyberbullying: What to do if it happens to your teen

Online safety efforts must begin at home

Top 20 Acronyms Parents Need to Know

Internet Safety begins at home

Law officials offer internet safety tips for parents

Resources for Internet Safety

Keep your kids safe online: Don’t leave it up to others


Fun Sites to visit with Kids

Children’s Place

Cyber Safe Kids


First Gov for Kids

Internet Super Heroes

Kid Shield

Kids Domain

Kids in Danger

Online Safety For Kids

Safe Child

Safety Forum

Yes I Can!


Child Safety Advocacy Groups


American Civil Liberties Union

Americas Most Wanted

Child Cyber Search

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Children’s Partnership

Children’s Protection and Advocacy Coalition

COPA Commission

Crimes Against Children

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Halt Abuse

I Am Your Child

Insure Kids Now

Lost Child Emergency Broadcast System

Missing Children

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

National Crime Prevention Council

National Parenting Association


Safe Kids

Talking with Kids about Tough Issues

Youth Law Center

Youth Watch



Parental I-Safety References

Chat Danger

Child Internet Safety

Connect Safely

Connect with Your Kids

Cybersafe Kids: A Parents’ Guide by National Crime Prevention Council

eBully 411

FBI’s Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge

FCC Parent’s Place

Find Internet Browsers for Children

FTC’s OnGuard

Get Net Wise

Get Cyber Safe

Help Delete Online Predators

Interactive Internet Safety Websites


Kids Browsers and Search Engines

Kids Come First Online

Kidz Privacy

National Crime Prevention Council

National Cyber Security Alliance

Net Family News

Net Lingo

Net Smartz 411


NS Teens

On Guard Online

Online Safety Brochures

Parental Control Bar

Parental Safety Reminders

Parents’ Guide to Cyberspace by the American Library Association

Parents Guide to Online Safety

Parent’s Guide to the Information Superhighway

Plugged In Parent

Power of Parents

Project Online Safety

Protecting Kids’ Online Privacy

Safe Surfin’

Safe Wave

Stop Cyberbullying

Text Messaging Abbreviations

Think Before You Post

Think U Know

Web Wise Kids

Wired Kids

Wired Safety

Your Teenager

Write the Federal Trade Commission if a site requests personal information from your child under 13 without your consent. Most sites do not comply.

24-hour Crisis Hotline for Parents 415-441-KIDS


Social Networking Communities for Pre-Teens (under 13 years)

Club Penguin


Glob World







Your Sphere

Zoey’s Room


Recalled Products

Toy Safety


Websites for Parents

ABC Parenting

Center for Media Education

Child Literacy

Children’s Health Insurance Programs

Children’s Partnership

Colgate Palmolive’s Kids World

Concerned Parents of the Web

Health Information from PBS

Juvenile Information Network


Labor of Love

Media Awareness Network

Mommy Savers

Mommy Shop

Mommys Place.Net

Net Mom

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

Net Aware

O2: Keeping Kids Safe

Parent Connections

Parent Smart

Parental Media Guide


Parents & Abducted Children Together

Safe Kids

Safe Surf

Safe Surfin’

Safeguarding Our Children – United Mothers

Safety Alerts

Smart Parent

Surfing the Net with Kids

TV Guidelines

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