This is the first of a five-part series exploring computer virus, malware, spyware, computer worms and hacking. The series will offer 101 basics about these threats and the unavoidable realities of online computer life that can be avoided or lessened with a little of the most accurate and current information. Computer Virus These days in addition to all the scares about computer hacking, there’s lots of scare about everything that could go wrong on your desktop. For example, hacking is when a foreign entity operating from a hidden network breaks into your computer system retrieving valuable information. It’s kind of like someone breaking into your house and re-arranging the furniture. And then there’s the threat of a virus, malware and other names for reckless harm that targets your computer. Understanding more about what Americans fear about their computers is key to understanding what we need to know about desktop viruses and other harm, how to be protected from it or how to stop it from ruining some of the most important data of our lives.

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