Watchguard Soho WG2500 (1 LOT) For Sale

Watchguard Soho WG2500 (1 LOT)

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Watchguard Soho WG2500 (1 LOT):

For sale are 2 used Soho WG2500 firewalls

Watch Guard WG2500 Firebox SOHO Gateway. The Firebox SOHO enables your smaller branch offices to securely share a single high-speed DSL, Cable or ISDN Internet connection. Once the Firebox SOHO is plugged into the Internet connection at your branch office it automatically connects to the Web to register and download the very latest security software. There is no client software to install or processing burden placed on any computer at the branch office. The quick set-up process requires no technical knowledge on behalf of anyone at the branch office. In addition to protecting each connected computer with a built-in dynamic stateful packet filtering firewall technology, the Firebox SOHO enables that office to securely share a single, high-speed Internet connection among up to 50 computers, saving you the cost of multiple connections.

No power supply.

Only firewall is included

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