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Cisco to Buy Sourcefire, a Cybersecurity Company, for $2.7 Billion

Cisco Systems agreed on Tuesday to buy Sourcefire, a provider of cybersecurity services, for about $2.7 billion in cash, in a reflection of the growing fervor for companies that can help guard against computer-based attacks.

Under the terms of the deal, Cisco will pay $76 a share in cash, nearly 30 percent higher than Sourcefire’s closing price on Monday. The offer includes retention-based incentives for Sourcefire’s executives.
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The deal is Cisco’s biggest since its $5 billion acquisition of NDS Group Ltd. last year.

Sourcefire, founded in 2001, has grown into a major cybersecurity provider – one that has rejected numerous takeover bids […]

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The Scandal of Computer Security

The U.S. has become a digital civilization. Our industry, defense, medical care, entertainment, and communications all largely rely on information technology. In recent months, it has become increasingly evident that this digital civilization is under attack and that its protective strategies are failing.

Everywhere in the news are accounts of computer security hacks. Targets range from The New York Times, which was hit with 45 pieces of undetected malware in three months, to the Financial Times’ corrupted email system.

Even more troubling are the attacks on American intellectual property. According to the Pentagon, Chinese and Russian hackers have gained access to the […]

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Seattle police detective arrested for alleged cyber-stalking

A Seattle police detective was arrested Thursday for allegedly cyber-stalking and stealing the identity of an apparent former lover, the Seattle Police Department said.

The 43-year-old married detective was apparently in a romantic relationship with the victim, the SPD blotter statement said, but the end of the relationship “was reportedly less than amicable.”

The woman went to the detective’s home on July 17 to confront him in front of his family, the statement said. The officer allegedly retaliated by creating a “salacious Facebook alias purporting to be her,” the statement said.

No other details were provided on the contents of that page.

But later […]

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UK businesses urged to conduct cyber “health checks” by security agencies

The directors of domestic security agency MI5 and intelligence agency GCHQ have written to the chairs of FTSE 350 companies as part of a new initiative to raise corporate awareness of cyber crime, according to the Financial Times.

Company chairs and audit committee heads will be asked to complete a questionnaire with questions on how they protect company intellectual property and customer data, the FT said. The results of this questionnaire will then be aggregated anonymously to allow companies to see how they rank compared to their peers. Auditors will be contacted to discuss areas in which a company may be […]

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Key US industries vulnerable to cyber attacks – research

Cybersecurity researchers next week will demonstrate how hackers can potentially wreak havoc on critical US infrastructure, even causing explosions by altering the readings on wireless sensors used by the oil and gas industry.

The presentations at the Black Hat conference will show how key industries remain vulnerable to cyber attacks, in part because companies are reluctant to replace expensive equipment or install new safeguards unless ordered to do so by regulators or offered economic incentives, experts say.

“We’ve got this cancer that is growing inside our critical infrastructure. When are we going to go under the knife instead of letting this fester?” […]

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Hackers Launch Operation to Fight Cyber Terrorism

A group of anonymous hackers has banded together to announce an operation against anti-Semitic and jihadist sites, set to begin on Friday.
An independent group of anonymous hackers has banded together to announce a cyber warfare operation aimed at fighting against anti-Semitic and jihadist sites, set to begin on Friday.

One participating group called the Israeli Elite Force launched a Facebook page on June 5 called #OpIslam aimed at gathering support for the operation.

“This is a call to all hackers of the world,” reads the statement posted on the page, entitled, “Hacker Call to Action, Operation Islam.” The statement is also available […]

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Cyber Criminals Launch Royal Baby Scam

Fraudsters have attempted to cash in on two major news stories by sending out bogus emails appearing to be updates but that are actually a scam to steal people’s bank details.

Millions of people have been targeted as the death toll rose following the train disaster in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

They launched their campaign just a day after sophisticated criminals attempted to cash in on the birth of Prince George of Cambridge.

A “steady flow” of messages designed to look like emails from CNN have been sent out this week, according to analysts at web security firm Appriver.

In each case, the fraudsters […]

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U.S. indicts hackers in biggest cyber fraud case in history

Federal prosecutors said on Thursday they have charged five men responsible for a hacking and credit card fraud spree that cost companies more $300 million and two of the suspects are in custody, in the biggest cyber crime case filed in U.S. history.

They also disclosed a new security breach against Nasdaq, though they provided few details about the attack.

Other companies targeted by the hackers include a Visa Inc licensee, J.C. Penney Co, JetBlue Airways Corp and French retailer Carrefour SA, according to an indictment unveiled in New Jersey.

Authorities have been pursuing the hackers for years. Many of the breaches were […]

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FBI 10 Most Wanted

Jason Derek Brown



Jason D. Brown, Derek Brown, Greg Johnson, Harline Johnson, Greg Harline Johnson, John Brown, Jay Brown


Date(s) of Birth Used:

July 1, 1969;
January 17, 1971

Place of Birth:





170 to 180 pounds




Golf Equipment Importer













Scars and Marks:

None known


Brown speaks fluent French and has a Masters Degree in International Business. He is an avid golfer, snowboarder, skier, and dirt biker. Brown enjoys being the […]

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The All Seeing Eye

The other day, my college age son quietly went around the house and put electricians tape over the camera lenses on the displays of all our home computers. I laughed when I discovered what he had done. . .then paused: after all, it wouldn’t be that hard for someone to remotely turn that camera on and secretly watch me and my family. I left the tape on.

This is what it has come to. The revelations of recent days about the NSA being able to spy on the phone calls of millions of everyday Americans, without warrant, in search of a […]

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