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Our Cybercrime Forum is Open

Here at Cyber Criminals Most Wanted we decided to create a Cyber Crime Community Forum !

We thought it would be a great addition so people could discuss and get advice on Internet Safety, Cybercrime, Scams, Computer Security etc.

Why not register today and let your knowledge help benefit others


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Twitter & Facebook told to get tough on trolls

Facebook and Twitter trolls could be made more accountable for their online activity if Australian Independent Senator Nick Xenophon’s legislation efforts are successful.

The South Australian upper house MP is preparing draft legislation aimed at protecting social media users from anonymous abuse by “keyboard cowards”.

“It’s about time Twitter and Facebook stopped letting these cowards and bullies hide behind their online personals with impunity,” Senator Xenophon said in a statement on Monday.

Twitter and Facebook should protect users against threats, harassment and defamation, he added.

“Right now our agencies seem powerless to deal with the torrent of abuse that’s flowing across social media,” the […]

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House Intelligence Chairman: U.S. involved in ‘a cyber war’ every day

Michigan Republican Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said “most Americans” do not realize that the United States is currently in the middle of a “cyber war.”

Rogers also said “talks” with China about their “intellectual property” theft are not working and further action must be taken.

“We are in a cyber war today. Most Americans don’t know it. They go about their lives happily and that’s a good thing other than the fact that we are in a cyber war today,” he said at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

“We’re in that fight right now, […]

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Brokers see soaring demand from companies for insurance against cyber attacks

When Brian Rosenbaum started pitching cyber insurance to companies in 2006, he was met with blank stares from risk managers and resistance from information technology experts, who insisted their networks were impenetrable.

All of that has changed in the past year and a half said Rosenbaum, who heads the cyber insurance division of Aon Corp.’s Canadian brokerage arm.

“We’ve reached a threshold where people are now coming to us instead of us going to them,” said the vice president.

Insurance brokers say the frequency of high-profile data breaches is causing a surge in demand for insurance products that protect against losses stemming from […]

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Cybercrime outpaces the growth of ecommerce

Cybercrime grew faster than ecommerce last year, according to a new study.

Martec’s new Retail Fraud Survey found that while ecommerce grew by 16% in 2012, cybercrime was up by 23%.

Despite this growth, says the report, which questioned 100 leading UK retailers, retailers aren’t taking fraud as seriously as they should, and as a result smaller retailers have paid seven times more than they should in chargeback fees.

The study found a disjointed approach to fraud prevention, with the responsibility for this area typically in the hands of more than three or four people across a retail business. Some 22% of respondents […]

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Kaspersky: We’re All Targets As Cyber Criminals Get Smarter Every Day

Security vendors are busy adding and upgrading defensive technologies into their products, but security experts say an end to the cat-and-mouse game with organized cyber criminals is nowhere in sight.

Strong and often complex business networks that support the delivery of malware and other attacks designed to steal credit card data, passwords and personal information are constantly building in strength, according to Kaspersky Lab malware experts and executives who spoke with reporters at the company’s Global Press Tour in Moscow. The company opened its doors to journalists, showcasing its new global headquarter facilities, which opened in March next to the Moscow […]

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Ten Slang Internet Phrases Parents Should Know

Ten internet Slang phrases parents should know
If you see any of these terms used on your childs email it should put alarm bells ringing straight away.

TDTM – talk dirty to me

YOLO – you only live once

WTF – what the **

Frape – Facebook rape

Torrenting – illegal downloads

ASL – age, sex, location

GNOC – get naked on cam

LMIR – let’s meet in real life

NIFOC – naked in front of computer

POS – parents over shoulder

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Welcome to the new look CCMOSTWANTED

Hello Everyone!

“Cyber Criminals Most Wanted” has gotten a facelift!

CCMOSTWANTED.COM came online way back in 1999 providing the first online internet resource  on how to stay safe online, cyber crime, cyber law, computer security plus much more.

It took a fair bit of time but I’ve managed to port across all the information onto a more manageable platform which being responsive will look good on all devices and will also be easily readable.

If anyone out there would like to write a guest post on any particular topic or indeed if you […]

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Texas man charged with running $4.5 million Bitcoin Ponzi scheme

Some promises are too good to be true. The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a Texas man with operating an illegal Ponzi scheme using the virtual currency Bitcoin in place of dollars. Trendon T. Shavers took in 700,000 Bitcoins from investors, the SEC alleges, through his unregistered fund Bitcoin Savings & Trust while operating with the ironic alias “pirateat40.” The Bitcoins were worth $4.5 million at the time but would be worth $60 million on the market today due to the virtual currency’s appreciation.

Shavers told investors he could make them a 7 percent return on their investment by arbitraging […]

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Universities Struggling to Protect Digital Information From Escalating Onslaught of Cyber Attacks

New York, NY, Jul 26, 2013 ( via COMTEX) — The incredible breakthroughs of America’s best and brightest in technology, medicine, engineering and a wide array of other areas, are a very sought after commodity in the hacker world of cyber espionage, and as highlighted in an article last week in the New York Times, universities are being flooded with tens of thousands of cyber attacks daily by cyber enemies ranging from freelancing criminal hackers, to cyber warrior squads doing the bidding of the foreign governments which they serve. “Grappling with the sophistication and longevity of some of these attacks […]

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